Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I have to say Summer is just flying bye! I am sorry it has been over a month since I blogged!
I have had a lot happening on my end! So let me tell you all the news!
My In laws had their 50th wedding anniversary! Congrats to them! Ben's sister and Ben and I threw them a huge party in Santa Barbara this last weekend and it was alot to par pare for since we had 79 guest from all over the world! (really) It was like planning and decorating for a wedding! So that is done and we had a great time!
My Boy is turning 13 at the end of the month so I have been planning a bash for that!
I have had a D'Arcy's Heavenly scrapbooking retreat every month since March (some months 2) They are going well and everyone is loving the new location! I have 2 in Aug. With a break for July!!!
My little handmade card business (Chic Studio)has me doing a booth at our local farmers market on Saturdays until Aug. And I have a web site for that on (click on my etsy button! to view)
Lastly the best news of all My Husband and I are opening a Clothing Boutique (Chic Style) in Eden! Opening Day August 12th! I have been thinking of doing this for a while and decided I just needed to do it now! We are excited to bring a great shopping experience to our valley! For all of you that loved my Home decor store in Ca. Will be happy to know I will bring the same charm to our new adventure Chic style and we will also be on line at the end of the month!
We will have Contemporary clothes to keep you Chic all the time! For Men, Women and girls!
With A ton of Great accessories ,Gift Items and bath products! We are trying really hard to have things for every budget and great quality! You will also be happy to know we have being searching hard for MADE IN THE USA items! If you are in Utah please make sure to check us out! Chic Style, Eden ut. (next to Eats of Eden!)
Don't worry Retreat ladies I will still be doing my Scrapbooking retreats! I have some great girlfriends that are going to help me in my store.....
I will keep you posted with pictures and a link to my Web site as soon as it's ready!