Thursday, September 25, 2008

Just a note to thank all of the wonderful ladies that came to the Sept. retreat! What a fun group!

I know I am a little behind on my blog this week! So here is what happened last week and this week so far!!!

The new carpet went in... All done looks great and I had My house all put together that night!!! Love it! Lot's of energy lately
I decorated for Halloween and Fall my favorite! I will post some pictures next week! I even got a ton of fall baking done for the retreat ladies.. Hope they loved it!!!
My little dude had a soccer game and got 3 goals!!! Their on a winning streak! (so cute!)
Hudson is really working at making the basketball team for Jr. high! My sweet husband help me to build a bunch of new displays for my store and my Scrap Studio! I love how they turned out! I will post pictures of that too next week! I have to thank my little family for helping me set up for the retreat on Thur. The retreat was from Fri-sun and then they helped my pack it all up! Thanks Boys!! Love you!!! The above pictures is the group of ladies and one the fun bling rings they made for a make n take!
Monday I had another creative day making samples, decorating and fixing the displays! ( I will take it when I can get it! Sometimes I get such a creative block!!!)

My sister and My darling Nephew came to visit and we have been having to much fun!!! This is a photo of the boys having Dizzy Lizzy's at my favorite shabby Chic store and sweets parlor! (Dear Lizzy's) They have the best Cup cakes! What a treat!!! Then off we went to Gardner's Village to see the witch displays! Today the Dinosaurs park and a soccer game!
Grey's was on tonight so we had to have a Little TV break! You know that is one of my favorite things!!!! Love Thursday nights!!!!! It is really fun having my sister and the little dude for a visit! The boys really enjoy each other...
Photo Gallery on my web site has more photo's of Sept. Retreat!! Talk with you next week and be looking for more photo's!!!! D'Arc

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Here are the photo's of my Bon Appetite 3 page class! this was a $20.00 class, I still have a couple kits left if you want to purchase one just email me I love this paper! Real fun for any food photo's or baking! I am making a little recipes book out of this line! The class will be on my November calendar, just in time for a Christmas gift!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Another busy week finished!
We started out last week with my husband and I having a Date!( long needed!! ) 4 months since our last one... We had a great time until or oldest called and said he rolled the quad!! He did not have his helmet on!!!!!! Thank goodness our baby sitter's dad is a fire fighter/ paramedic and they live just up the street!!!!! He is OK.. Thank you, lord!!! He could had killed himself , a boy a couple of weeks ago did kill himself doing the same thing!!!! So scary!! BOYS!!!!
He should not have been on it while we were gone!!!! I think he has learned his lesson..
Tuesday's class went well.( Bon appetite line from Teresa Collins line) I will post photo's later today.. My Halloween 12x12 pages are really cute too! Class October 15th Picture's of this class I will post next week. I have finished a ton of projects and kits I am selling & will post photo's on the new scrapbooking store tab soon.. The 12x12 page layouts are fun!
Thursday was are little ones 2nd soccer game.(Ben's the coach and I am the team mom!) We won! The little guys were so excited..... So cute to see little 5 year olds running around! I think they play for the treat sac!!! Plus we had the Ski team dinner, I had to make Dessert ! (brownie, chocolate chip cheese cake!!!) YUMMY!!!
Friday was the fall walk a thon and in the evening was the fall festival. I volunteered for both so it took up a lot of my day. The kids all have fun and it raises $$$$ for the school. Hamps. ran 50 times around the basketball court...And he was beat by Nolan who did 60! He was still 1st in his class...
Sat. We were off as a family at 8:00am to Salt Lake for the Dew Tour..(MOTO) All day outdoor events... Then dinner at C.P.K. My boys favorite!!
Sunday was full of Decorating and finishing up projects... I decorated our last guest room and worked on the scrap Studio classroom... Too cute I will post some picture. So no church today!!
Then we had to move out, all of the furniture on our main floor to get the new flooring for today.....We are always doing something to the house it's only 4 year old but since we bought it last year we have changed almost everything.... (Still a ton to do) We could have built but we loved the Neighborhood and the views of the valley and the lake are so beautiful!!!!
Anyone that knows me knows I get bored with rooms very fast and have to redecorate them all of the time! (guess all the years of owning stores and changing displays all of the time, help cure that....) Now that I don't, I redo my house..... I did start decorating for people again... Yes I threw that into the mix...... I have done 4 condos and am working on a couple of house right now! I am only going to do this through word of mouth, so a couple of project's a year will be great!
So this week I am gearing up for my 2ND to last retreat of the year (it's this weekend!) The projects are way cute and the menu is very fall...(It will be in my book!)
Speaking of fall! FALL is my very favorite season! The smell, the colors, decorating and the comfort foods.... LOVE! I started decorating my house for fall and then stopped due to the new flooring. Hopefully I will get it all done before I have to set up for the retreat at the lodge this Thurs. I really due enjoy decorating for this beautiful season... (the flooring guys were going to be here at 10:00am and it is now 1:15pm So they are behind! Hope I get to sleep in my bed tonight!!!)LOL. I wrote a mouth full today, I guess I might be stalling I need to go down to my studio and finish a bunch of stuff but I am not feeling it!!
Take time to take in the beauty around you, Light a fall smelling candle,bake some cookies or take some outdoor pictures of your kids!!! I think I am going to take the advise from myself and do at least 2 of those things!!!!! Have a wonderful week !! D'Arcy

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Photo of ladies from the June scrapbooking retreat!

Life as a mother of a jr. high school kid and a kindergartner! I never thought I could be so busy!
Up at 6:30 (anybody that knows me knows I like 8:00am) Get breakfast going, get Hudson Up at 7:00am drive him to school at 7:25, get back wake up Hampton7:45 , get him ready and bus stop by 8:10! Come home grab a Quick snack ( I do not like to eat Breakfast this early) get dressed for workout, go to work out, get home at 10:45 shower& dressed and then it's time to go get Hampton 12:20 from bus stop! Get back home go to My Studio work tell I need to go pick up Hudson from School or later if it's Basketball then get home maybe get a chore done then it's time to make dinner, clean up dinner and before you know it, it is time to get the kids bathed and to bed at 9:30!!!! Then I still have a ton to do before I go to bed at 12 0r 1:00 am! Then I start all over!!!! How do people with more then 2 kids do it!!!! I also know I am not the only mother out there! WE all do this! (we need a vacation!) To think school has only been in session for 2 weeks. I need a nap! Lost 5lbs though! I also have to throw in soccer days and music lessons and helping in the class rooms...oh ya I wouldn't have it any other way! love those little turkeys and boy can they be turkeys!!!
With this schedule I managed to get my web sight updated, new photo gallery, schedule, and shopping gallery. New scrapbooking kits ! Right now it has to be shop by email and send checks tell I can get pay pal set up! So go check it out! I also entered the Jenni Bowlin Contest. (say prayers) You had to use her kit from Aug. and do 1 scrapbook page and one altered project!!! I love how mine turned out, I will show pictures later! Contest results are out Oct. 1st.. I hope I hope!!!! I don't really ever do the contest thing, I have gotten so disappointed in the past! Something just said do this!!!
One last thing before I go to bed and end my day, I was very lucky to have meet Shylow who owns A Page For All Seasons and she kindly has been donating the cutest page kits for my retreats! I love them and so have all of my ladies. They are way cute and come from a great group of designers. Please check them out at or the link on my web sight! Thanks again Shylow!!!! Goodnight to all of you busy mommies!!!! D'Arc