Thursday, October 16, 2008

wow! were does the time go! I promised you my favorite fall Items, that I decorate with and that was weeks ago! so here they are!

For those of you that do not know I have a background in interior design! I have been redecorating my whole house! These were some of the frames I made for one of the rooms I re-did! Love them!! So cute that I am going to make them for Christmas gifts!!

This is Blake!! the rooster! He sits in my Newly done dinning room! (my boys call him that!)

My favorite old Dutch goat cart, I bought it for my husband (He is dutch) for are anniversary! I found it at great little antique store in California! It was a splurge but totally worth it! Love it for every season!

My fun thing to collect is the vintage Halloween postcards and Halloween glittered mini pails! Love it!

I love this fun witches hat! Great center piece! My little one has his costume(clone trooper) my oldest is in 7th grade and thinks he is to cool to dress up! He even has a school dance but doesn't care! It's killing me!!!!!! Boys! We had Bunco this week and it was a Halloween theme! I went as an 80's jazzercise instructor!! Too funny and so much fun!! I have a birthday next week so my mom is flying in Tomorrow! So excited! We have a lot planned for the weekend tell Tue! Then I have a scrapbooking Bus tour on Wed-Thur. Next week followed by a scrapbooking retreat. October is always so busy but way fun! Look on my web sight for the new pictures of classes, new product, and page ideas! Just uploaded new! I also have a huge Holiday open house November 14th with 6 different ladies and over 11 booths! It gets bigger ever year! Everyone is welcome if you are in the neighborhood! 5:00-9:00pm Nov. 14th My home in Eden! Hope everyone has a great rest of the week and next week too! I won't be giving an update until after next week! oxo D'Arc

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ok so I just looked at the girl who one! She had almost the same Idea As me!!!! Bummer! She did hand made flowers out of paper and also did a vintage window! What are the chances!!! At least I wasn't far off the mark of what they would want in a winner!!
I forgot to tell you about my favorite place Dear lizzy's in Alpine, It is a cute shabby chic store and bistro!! Love it and the cupcakes are to die for!
Me and my sister! Yummy cupcakes!!!

Here was the pictures of my entry for the Jennie Bowlin Contest! I thought they were too cute! I did not win or make it to the top 3! I am sad! I Felt I had a chance!! I did not even make it to the top 14 because she contacted the top 14 to see blogs and gallery's. I was not contacted, What a bummer!
Always such a disappointment, that is why i normally do not enter contest!! Makes you wonder if they open all of the attachments they receive or do they go by names first! The winner pages are cute check it out for yourself on www, blog

On another note, I hope all of you out there do not get this horrible cold that is going around!! I got it on Friday night and Saturday I felt aw full!! I got over it quick but now my family has it and my Husband has been sick for days!!!! You know men!!! So I hope for health for you all!!!
This weekend I get to scrapbook Friday and Sat. with girlfriends!!! Yea! Nobody to wait on or take care of! My girlfriend Jen plans it and we have it at Melissa's condo!!!! I hope to get a lot done! Free time!!!!
I will be adding those photo's I told you I would this weekend, so be checking back!! (Fall deco, Teresa Collins Halloween pages, my new display I built, and the travel pages!
Check out my new favorite web sight Velvet Strawberries!!!! D'Arcy