Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fall is in the air!!! Already! The trees are starting to change, Hudson started jr. high and Hampton starts Kinder on Tue. Sept. 1st is already monday! The time just flys buy! Down with one retreat and time to get ready for the 1st of my 2 fall retreats! (I had some cancelations so I need to fill them up!)
I have done so many email blasts and computer work this week! No more for the rest of the week! Friday I need to spend the whole day in my studio! I have to work on Idea pages for the new product, finish the new page kits(pictures coming soon) Plus do the 3 make and takes and two classes for the Sept. Retreat! Crazy!!!
I love the fall it's to fast this year! The new fall/Holiday gold canyon candles just came out! Yummy! Due to the chillier weather I burned a pumpkin today! It also got me in the mood to start working on the Sept. retreat theme!(Apples and fall leaves) With baskets and red and orange paper goods! I will work on the menu this weekend!
Good news for you ladies that have been asking me for my recipes and tips on how I do things and how I plan an event! I a writing a book!!! I never thought in a million years that statement would come out of my mouth!!!! But I am I have had so many request to do it, that I started working on it! Stay tuned!!!
I hope everyone has a fun Labor day weekend! Talk with you next week!

Wow fall is in the air!

Monday, August 25, 2008

My boys!!! love them!

Retreat went great! Thank you to all that attented the retreat and day crop!!! I think all of the ladies had a blast! I am so tired!! I needed a nap! Hudson started jr. High today, so last night after taking down the retreat and then putting it all away I had to stay up late to get him ready for his big day! ( He said it was great!) Hampton doesn't start tell next week!
Hampton got 1st in his race moto race again on Sat. plus 1st over all!!! Another big *** trophy!!!
(where to put them????) He came to the retreat and all of the girls cheered for him! He got so shy.... Love it!
Now the landry, house cleaning, computer work, and kit making I need to do!
My kits and photo's should be on my blog next week! so check back! (fun stuff)
Have a wonderful evening!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Just some photo's of my Work Studio!
I will add classroom and Scrap Studiostore photo's soon!!!

Wow! I had a busy week! Getting ready for my next retreat! I have Bunco on Monday! Deep cleaning our house, Finishing scrap projects, We went on a 3day camping trip!(yes we did!) My boys have been wanting to do this so we final gave in our version of camping with motor home and a beautiful sight on Bear Lake in Idaho! It was fun and now we can say we camped! Hudson and Ben didn't really like it! Hampton loved it!!!! (He would!!) Hampton had a moto race (got 1st in both!) And I also had to sign up on face books! I am doing our 20 year reunion in 2010 and I need to start finding people! The computer hours I have logged in is crazy!!! (and for those who know me know the computer is not my favorite thing! But in today's world it's a necessity!) My list of things to do is so long, I am really going to be logging in late hours.

This week both boys have open houses getting ready for the 1st day of school! Aug.25Th

In Utah they do the school Open House the week before, to get the kids ready for the 1st day!

Soccer starts this week for Hampton and he has another race on Sat. Hampton is doing Soccer, racing,snowmobiling,skiing! Hudson is down to skiing, basketball,golf and guitar! He might add snowmobile cross this winter will see!!!!

I also have some parent help at school and A 3 day scrapbooking retreat this weekend!

So it's non stop! I do not know how people do it with 4 to 6 kids! CRAZY!

I have Also logged in my 20 mile this week! (Every week now since July23rd)

Scrap studio (my little store!) has a lot of fun new product it! Teressa Collins Bon appetite and Halloween ! Jenni Bowlin studio, Tim holtz! I will post new photos of product after my retreat!

But here is some photo's of 2 projects that I have done and am putting into kits!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Yesterday I had a booth at CKU's sneak, peek and mingle! Had a lot of fun and took my friend Vicki and Marci. We spent the day going to stores in Salt Lake and taking advantage of all of the deals because Cku is in town! Then we went to dinner. (fun day!)
Ben made sure the boys got to all of there activities, all was well!
I have finished my schedule for the next 3 months and it should be on my web sight! along with a ton of photo's and project updates and things for sale!
I have also received the new Close to my Heart Catalogs, Such great new product! I can't wait for everyone to see the new stuff! With all the prices on the rise I am now going to have to charge for the catalogs unless you have placed an order in the last 2 months or FREE with a new order! So much to do with so little time!!!! We all have this