Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cards I make for sell

More photo's of project's

Here are some photo's of some of the project I have been working on!

Wow! Summer is Half over! July 30th It goes by so fast, Hudson's 12th birthday went off with a blast! The boys all had a great time ! What boy doesn't like an air soft war and fireworks!
My mom and in laws are all back home in Calif. ( they did not have to go through the earthquake this time and no damage!) Thank goodness!
Hampton starts is moto races this week, Hudson just finished golf camp and has 1 more week of camp in a couple of weeks! Soo summer will still not slow down!
School starts Aug. 25th in Utah, Hudson will start Jr, High and Hampton starts Kindergarten! I really can't believe how fast they grow.
Today we went to see fast pass at Huntsville park 400,000. dollar cars and Up! Was cool to see and the boys loved it!
Got home and had a ton of Landry and cleaning to do! Got it all done now to get caught up in everything else

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sorry about some of the little spelling errors in the last post, went to fix them and the post setting would not let me! Then went to spell check and it just posted it after it highlighted my errors!!! Still learning!
I have had a crazy week! Housework, entertaining the kids, placing orders, trying to catch up on all of my paper and computer work not to mention taking time to get my exercise in! Today was running! I am really frustrated with my diet, getting this 8lbs off is just not working!

I have to work on some of the ideas that have been coming into my head as well! Lot's of new product coming out for summer cha! I have been placing those orders, I can't wait to get the stuff to make up all of thebideas Ibbrewing! Teresa Collins new stuff is way cute! Maya Roads, Rusty Pickel and Daisy d's are just as fun!

I did some really cute projects with all of these companies product that came out in Winter cha,

I will get thoose pictures taken this week and post them!

Some of you might not know, I have a small store in 1 room of my house and I always keep it full of the lastest and greatest! By the end of the month I will have more product for view & sale on my

This week is Hudson's 12th birthday so company is coming in and His party is Saturday!

Looking forward to my mom coming out!

Sunday, July 13, 2008


blogging is new to me as of tonight!
I will be working on this for a while to get it down, but I want to be able to keep a journal and keep the family and friends updated. So please bare with me as I learn.
I will also be posting my Scrapbooking retreats, crops and any new Ideas and projects I have been working on here too! so stay tuned!

One of my favorite things

Summer vacation

I take this photo every year it is so fun to see the changes! Yet sad to see the boys go up so fast.