Saturday, February 28, 2009

So My week started out with my computer crashing!!!!! So this would be why I am updating today! My boys had their teacher conferences this week. Both did great, Good job boys! Hampton lost his second top front tooth! (now a window!!) He was happy to have the tooth fairy come. This is his 4th lost tooth! I have been busy with decorating projects this week. Finishing up my 3rd floor, doing a home project for a client and doing spring displays for my girlfriends store (Dottie Beck) Busy week! Speaking of spring, I can't wait I am tired of winter! I want to see flowers and work in the yard! (fill up my new window boxes!)

Our 13th wedding anniversary was this week! We had a nice evening out...(no kids!) I am very lucky to have married such a wonderful man!

Top 5 this week

#1.Antique hunting love it! This week I found a pair of kid skies, Old camera, Crystal decanter for my bar! If you have not gone hunting in awhile do it's fun!

#2. Bubble bath! I looooove the MILK line smells so good and gives lots of bubbles! Go take a bath and relax!!!! (you deserve it!)

#3. Making cards out of my left over scraps! After I finish a page , whatever is left I create a card with the scraps. I then add a cute embellishment and ribbon and voila a card for my stash!! Try it next time your crafting it's a great tip and you won't have to by cards anymore, Plus you will always have a card on hand for that special someone.....

#4. Costco's Strawberries!! Yea! They are almost back in season.... I have been able to pick up big flats for $7.00 and my boys and I love them!!!! Yummy!

#5 Rent a geek! 1888-for-geek He saved me! Dell Customer support sucks and you can't understand them!!!! So if you every need computer help that is convenient and reasonable! call them!

Have a great weekend, D'Arc

Sunday, February 15, 2009

What I missed another week of blogging!!!! Were does the time go!!!! He is some pictures from Valentines day and the month of Feb. (so far!)
My 12 year old Hiking to ski powder! My Men for Valentines dinner After a day of Skiing! The 7th grade boys Basketball all dressed up before the big game!!! mine is the 2nd one in the white shirt!
Here is some fun little video clips of the guys skiing! Valentines day 2009!

I hope you all had a Happy Valentines Day! Remember to Have love one in your life is the greatest gift! ox

My calendar of events should be posted on my web site this week! Note the all day crop is Feb. 21st I have fun classes and events coming up so check it out!

Scrap Studio has a ton of great scrapbooking product coming in and already here! Come over and check it out! Product from the New releases of Teresa Collins, Jenni Bowlin, Mark Richards, Fancy Pants, Yellow Bicycle, Making Memories, 7 Gypsies and Maya Roads! I love it all and can't wait to play with it!

I promise I am going to post more often!!

Happy Birthday to My girlfriend Melissa! For her birthday we had a girls night Dinner and a movie a treat from her Mother in law Judy! We went to see Twilight! I loved it! Most of the girls had already seen it multiple times! (but not me, I did not get into the rage!) I did buy all of the books , but did not read them!!! I am going to now!!!!

Last week my Hubby and I had a date!! Rare!(lately) We went to dinner at Zucca's in south Ogden if you haven't gone it's yummy! Then to the Movies for the Opening night of (He's just not that into you!!) Way cute and funny! Great date night! Note have more date nights!!!

This weeks top 5

#1 $3.00 movie theater on 12th street! Plays currant movies no longer playing at the Top movie theaters! Right now they have, Twilight,Bride wars, Australia, Valkyrie, plus 2 others I can't remember... Very cool!

#2 Mac make up! Their New Hello kitty line! So fun.... Get it now it's limited time only!

#3 The March/April Memory Makers Pick up a copy! Has tons of Ideas and features a ton of the latest product!!!

#4 Basketball is down to 1 game a week!!!!

#5 Girlfriend outings (make plans for one with your girlfriends!) We just went to Dear Lizzie's, then off to Nordstroms and Lunch at the Cheesecake Factory! What a fun day! Even if you can only go to lunch, do it! Time for yourself makes you a better wife, Mother!!!

Hope you find the time to do one of my Favorite things,ox D'Arcy

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ben's birthday dinner!
Hampton hitting a rail! Opa skiing after 2 strokes!!!!! Way to go OPA!

Wow! It's been a long time!!! So sorry time
just gets away from me.

Superbowl 43!

Alot has been going on my way! I helped my girlfriend redo her her store Dottie Becks! (way fun for me since I owned a store for 10 years.) I just love playing with the stuff! The store looks AWESOME if I don't say so myself! If you are in the neighborhood please check it out! Next to the old General store in Eden! (the Victorian house!) this took up one week of my time! I loved it!
Then we had a great super bowl party on Sunday! A blast! Then my In laws came into town on Monday. Hudson has had 3 basketball games and 2 more to go this week. Plus Ben's Birthday was yesterday! Happy Birthday honey!!! Nobody would guess how old he is!!!!!

This weeks top 5
#1 Living everyday as your last!
#2 Having active Boys!
#3 The New Close to my Heart Catalog!!!
#4 Jasoh Restaurant on 25th street!! YUMMY!
#5 The New Fabric Flowers from Prima! I love the bright colors!! Can't wait to play with them!
receipt of the week is easy so try it!
Pigs in a Blanket!!!! MY BOYS LOVE THESE!!!!
package of hot dogs or turkey dogs
1 package of Pillsbury crescent rolls
8 slices of cheese of your choice
Open the crescents lay them into their triangles place cheese on top of crescent then add the Hot dog on top of cheese then roll up! Bake at 350 for 10 to 12 min or until roll is golden dip in sauces of your choice. Yummy! Have a great week! D'Arcy