Wednesday, May 6, 2009

just another little clip! Just in case I don't blog befor Sunday!! Happy mother's Day to all you Mom's oxoxo!
April flew by now it's May!!!

Hamps Kindergarten program!

Little clips!The little guys put on the cutest little program! each had a talking part and sang songs from through out the whole year! So darling! They grow so fast! In a couple of weeks he will be a 1st grader!!!! The month of may goes by so fast with spring sports, school functions and field trips I hope all of you moms get a breather!!!!! I have been busy working in my yard 1 week of 6 to 8 hour days weeding!! Today the fun part of planting has started!! I love being out side in the sunny weather..... My retreats are going well and filling up! The ladies are even booking for the fall they are loving it so! I posted new pictures on my web site check them out! Crafting has been a big part of my spring so far! Lots of Idea pages, classes and card making going on here! I will post some pictures soon of my new work! This is a fast post for me so no top 5 this time sorry! Next time I promise!! oxox